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This is me

I am a Ph.D. researcher at the Political Science department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). I am mostly interested in inequalities in political socialization processes and political behavior. I am currently finishing my Doctoral dissertation called "In search of a democratic equalizer: how citizenship education moderates inequalities in internal political efficacy".

Recent Publications

Junius, N., & Matthieu, J. (2022). Who rules the deliberative party? Examining the Agora case in Belgium. Party Politics, (preprint). 

Junius, N., Caluwaerts, D., Matthieu, J., & Erzeel, S. (2021). Hacking the representative system through deliberation? The organization of the Agora party in Brussels. Acta Politica.

Matthieu, J., Vrydagh, J., Caluwaerts, D., & Erzeel, S. (2020). The democratic credentials of youth parliaments. The case of the Belgian Jeugd Parlement Jeunesse. The Journal of Legislative Studies, 26(2), 204–222.

Junius, N., Matthieu, J., Caluwaerts, D., & Erzeel, S. (2020). Is It Interests, Ideas or Institutions? Explaining Elected Representatives’ Positions Toward Democratic Innovations in 15 European Countries. Frontiers in Political Science, 2(584439), 1–14.

Contact me


Pleinlaan 5

1050 Brussel (BELGIUM)

Office 2.71 


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