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This is me

I am a senior researcher at the research group M2P at the University of Antwerp and hold a Ph.D. from the VUB. My primary expertise is situated in inequalities in political socialization processes. I am currently involved in a research project on developing political knowledge and attitudes amongst youngsters during the 2024 election campaign and will study the effects of Voting Advice Applications (VAAs). In this project, panel data and experimental data are collected among youngsters.

Recent Publications

Matthieu, J., & Junius, N. (accepted/in press). Educationally tracked democratic equalizers: how citizenship education moderates the effect of a political home environment on internal political efficacy across educational tracks. Political Behavior  (in press).

Matthieu, J., & Junius, N. (2023). Searching for a democratic equalizer: Citizenship education’s moderating effect on the relationship between a political home and internal political efficacy. Social Science Research (preprint). 

Matthieu, J. (2023). Where are we with closing the gender gap in internal political efficacy?. European Journal of Politics and Gender, 6(3), 456-461.

Junius, N., & Matthieu, J. (2023). Who rules the deliberative party? Examining the Agora case in Belgium. Party Politics, 29(5), 940–951. 

Junius, N., Caluwaerts, D., Matthieu, J., & Erzeel, S. (2023). Hacking the representative system through deliberation? The organization of the Agora party in Brussels. Acta Politica, 58, 512–530.

Contact me


Stadscampus: LN55.217

Sint-Jacobsstraat 2

2000 Antwerpen

Pleinlaan 5

1050 Brussel

Office 2.71 


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